Stowarzyszenie Podnoszenia Kwalifikacji Kobiet (SPKK)


We are a Polish non-profit organization focused on promoting programs which help girls, teenagers and professional women discover their role in society by understanding their social, economic and cultural responsibility.

Since 1995, we have supported many programs aimed at improving women’s self-confidence by offering educational opportunities, promoting creativity and fostering hope, joy and optimism. 

To emphasize our commitment to young people and the willingness to be present in their development, we have chosen Klub Filary as our featured project. We have raised USD 3.8 million in the past three years. The funds were invested in erecting a new building which provides 18,130 square feet to Klub Filary’s activities. The building is equipped with a gym, library, computer rooms and an auditorium.

The new building is located in Mokotów, Warsaw, 10 km south-west from the center of the city. Klub Filary is now accessible to people living in one or the other side of the Vistula river.


We want to improve the way we live by helping women discover and develop their skills, aspirations and dreams. 

We work to inspire, mobilize and organize programs and projects, supporting their promoters to fulfill their mission through mentorship and fundraising campaigns


Anna Świeżewska, President

Katarzyna Zdrzenicka, Vice-President

Katarzyna is a graduate of French Philology, speaks French and Spanish. She has worked as a representative of foreign companies in Poland. She currently has her own company. Her concern for the development of women has led her to create a postar and blog for women where she shares, analyzes and discusses the themes of public life and family.



Ana M. Brajnović, Project Development Director
Ana is a graduate of Business Management. She has worked in private banking. Currently, she devotes the majority of her time to fundraising for our organization.  She’s a strong believer in that helping the youth will change the world for the better.

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