We believe in helping young people change the world


At Klub Filary, we work to give young girls the tools to develop their personality to its full potential so they can do things in life that really matter to them.  We believe in them and the myriad of good things they care about.


Klub Filary’s mission is to help girls and teenagers become productive and self-governing citizens by developing healthy self-esteem and promoting confidence in themselves and others.

Through a multiple activity-based program, Klub Filary empowers the Education Triangle conformed by the parents', school and free time. Klub Filary enhances the Education Triangle by complementing the parent’s role in the upbringing up of their children. 

In order to develop a holistic personality, Klub Filary encourages teenagers to discover new horizons and enrich their lives through the achievement of skills and values which allow them to become young leaders of the future. 


Klub Filary’s activities seek to develop creative and collaborative skills through a positive and divergent way of problem-solving. Girls learn how to produce and perform theater plays and concerts from scratch; dancing, cooking, language and music lessons are offered, as well as innovative workshops in robotics, animation and photography. Volunteer work and summer camps are also included in the annual activities program.

To learn more about the activities you can take a look at Klub Filary’s blog.

  • Inspire an attitude of reflection and work well done, with a sense of responsibility. 

  • The defense of one's own value, along with respect towards others. 

  • Establish relations based on authentic and noble friendship. 

  • Promote projects which make life meaningful. 

  • Build the foundations for the accomplishment of one's dreams and aspirations. 

  • Learn how to courageously confront the challenges life brings. 

  • Develop a healthy self-esteem and promote confidence towards others. 

  • Maintain a good sense of humor.


The goal at Klub Filary is to teach each girl to discover her true worth, so that they can become a confident, positive, wholesome and happy person who feels good about generously giving herself to her family, friends and community.

To do so, Klub Filary helps girls discover new and broader horizons through developing a keen awareness of the world around them. The girls attending Klub Filary are in touch with people from different cultures, and they are presented unexpected challenges to help them discover a world of new possibilities.


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