An Interview with Weronika Watrakiewicz

An interview with Weronika Watrakiewicz, a 17 year-old. She participated in Klub Fialry’s activities when she was younger, and now she helps as one of the tutors. She has been a summer camp counselor in the past two years.

When did you start coming to Klub Filary? What attracted you to attend its activities?

I’ve started coming to the Klub six years ago. My mom encouraged me to try it and one day I decided to do it. I’ve enjoyed it since then. 

What did you like most about the Klub, when you used to come to its activities as a participant (not as volunteer/counsellor)? 

What I appreciated the most was the possibility to get to know girls my age and to spend time with them. It was also an occasion to rest a bit from my family, especially younger siblings.

Looking at it from a certain time perspective, what did Klub Filary give you?

It gave me the opportunity to meet people who share the same values as me, many of whom have become good friends and we still keep in touch. 

As a tutor in Klub Filary what do you try to teach the younger girls?

I try to teach them optimism and a certain joy of life. I think these are very important values which they will need when they go to high school and later on to university and meet people who won’t always share their values and outlook on life. The other thing that I try to teach them is how to live and “function well” in a group, with their friends and family.